North Star


North Star is an open forum for LN students, faculty, administration and the surrounding community. The purpose of the newspaper is to effectively report and analyze newsworthy information that impacts the audience.

It is the decision of the editors and the adviser whether to reject, edit or cancel an advertisement submitted for publication. The North Star reserves the right to edit ads for language and grammar. Advertisements may not promote tobacco, alcohol, drugs, related paraphernalia or any offensive material. Acceptance of an advertisement does not imply endorsement of the company by the newspaper, the high school or the administration. The North Star business manager can be contacted at (317)-964-7843 for submission of advertisements to the publication.

Letters to the editor may be printed at the discretion of the editors and may not contain libelous material. Letters may be edited for content, profanity, etc. The author’s name must be signed at the bottom of the submitted letter and will be published alongside the letter. The letter will be printed in the following issue.

If LN students commit criminal acts, the editorial board will review those individual situations and will make decisions as to whether or not to run a story. Names of students involved in those crimes will not appear in the story unless they have been previously published in a professional newspaper.

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