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Band set for first show in the new year

Maddie Mills-Craig, Staff Member

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Senior James Howard performs in the band as part of the woodwind choir. This is his last year for many things, from school pictures to performances. But this is the first time he will be performing without the whole band behind him. Instead he will just perform with his fellow woodwind instruments.

“I like it. I think it’s a great way to have separate sections get together and do things within their own choir. I think it’s great not always having the band together because we’ve been doing that for years. Of course that’s traditional, but let woodwinds do woodwinds and brass do brass,” Howard said.

On January 31, 2018, the band will be performing their first show this semester in the Little Theatre. In the past, this event was known as the Band Pop performance where the bands would play pop music. Now it is the Band Chamber Winds concert.

“What it is, is a concert where each band will be broken up into smaller groups, otherwise known as chamber groups,” Tom Wallis, the Department Co-Chair of Performing Arts, said.

Because they are playing in the Little theatre due to the construction in the auditorium, the bands will be playing in segments or shows rather than one performance. Each show will last 45 minutes long. According to Wallis, there will be three main performances which will be performed by a woodwind choir, a brass choir and a percussion assembly.

“It’ll be a good performance. We’ve been working on our craft and I believe that people will like it,” Howard said.

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Band set for first show in the new year