School initiates new safety protocols


Natalie Rowland, Reporter

LN has set major new policies to start the school year. These include the new security measures put in place by the district after the school shootings throughout the country last year. To junior Izzy Hudson, this major difference from last year is a lot to get used to.


“It makes things more complicated. It feels less like a school,” Hudson said.


The school now has four walkthrough metal detectors and 12 wands to help conduct security checks. These security checks, along with bag searches, will happen randomly as students enter the building. The security checks will not just be happening as students arrive in the morning, but they will also take place for students returning for MCIT and LC and students arriving late. According to Crousore, the process is fairly quick, so they are able to search a few hundred students a day as they enter the building.


“These are all measures that will hopefully keep us safe,” Principal Brett Crousore said.


There are also alarms on all the outside doors to insure that students will not let in any visitors that would threaten the safety of the school. If a student does open the door for a visitor, they will get three days suspension. Another new policy is with the fire alarms. If the fire alarm goes off, students are to immediately go into the nearest classroom, if they are not already in one, and wait for an administrator to dismiss them over the PA before leaving the building. Crousore believes the students have been understanding with all these changes this year.


“Our student body wants to feel safe so they have been very compliant throughout this process which has made this process easier,” Crousore said.


Visitors and students arriving late will now only be allowed to enter through the main door. Door 11 will be open during the passing period for any students returning from MCIT and LC and any students arriving from a release block. Student drivers will be able to leave through door 11 if they have an early release pass from the office. Any other students must go through the main office and be picked up at the main door when being released early.


“I believe these new measures will force one to think twice about bringing a firearm to school,” Crousore said.

These are a lot of changes to the accessibility that students have compared to last year. However, Hudson understands the need for the security after the shootings last school year.


“I am annoyed that I can’t go in certain doors, but I know it’s for our own good,” Hudson said.


While the safety and security of the students is the priority, Crousore believes that these measures are not just to protect the students. He believe they also serve as a way to protect the teachers in Lawrence Township schools and to influence other schools in the community to put similar security measures in their school.


“I’m not doing something just for the kids. I am doing something for all of us,” Crousore said.