Public welcome to visit LN during annual open house

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Public welcome to visit LN during annual open house

Whitney Chenevert, Beginning Journalism Reporter

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 On Thursday, Nov. 8 from 6-8 p.m. Lawrence North will be hosting their open house. This event is for all students interested in coming to LN. Whether you are an incoming freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior you are welcome at this event. It is an opportunity to learn more about all the things LN has to offer.

LN is having this event so that people who are interested in coming to LN can get a feel for it.

“The goal is to attract as many students to LN,” said Freshman Assistant Principal Brian Atkinson.

At the open house there will be teachers and students with different booths talking about different things that the school has to offer. There will also be some interactive activities for people to participate in.

“I am going to show them all the different stuff they will learn. I think I’m going to take a throwing wheel out and let kids try it,” art teacher Mickie Barsic said.

This event is a way to learn more about LN.  Coaches and sports teams will be there so that students can get involved in the school. There will also be clubs that people can learn more about. This will help future students become very involved in everything LN has to offer.

“I liked the club options because the upperclassmen told me that getting involved would help me adjust,” said freshman Amya Lining, who went to the open house last year.

Visitors will have an opportunity to learn more about classes, but also talk to students and teachers about how to get the most out of their experience.

“I hope they have something in mind that they are sold for. They know exactly what to expect when they come here,” Atkinson said.

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