Freshman PAC creates an online ´matchmaker´

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Freshman PAC creates an online ´matchmaker´

Paige Coffey, Beginning Journalism Student

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For Valentines Day, the freshman PAC officers, Charlotte Harkins, Evan Knott and Grace Hoppel, have decided to conduct a Matchmaker Survey for students of all grades. Every student is welcome to participate in the event.

¨It’s something fun to do in February with the intent to connect the students at school,¨ Knott said.

According to the PAC adviser, Tonya Fisher, the freshmen PAC officers wanted to do something for the whole student body.

“It’s a way for the freshmen to get more involved,” Fisher said.

The Matchmaker Survey is conducted to match students with the top five best and worst romantic candidates based on close percentages of each of their interests. Percentage similarities will be determined through things that students do and don’t have in common.   

¨It has a percentage of the probability of them liking you and you liking them,¨ Harkins said.

Surveys will be released as a Canvas Announcement from Jan. 28 to Feb.8. In order to get the best results, students must pay a fee of $2 to the media center with proof of identification with their distributed school ID by Feb. 8. Individual matches will be available for paying students by Valentine’s Day.   

The Matchmaker Activity presents a safe way for students to connect with each other with the possibility of finding a romantic spark in time for Valentine’s Day.

¨It’s like a dating service for high school students,¨ Fisher said.   

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