Swinging away at Top Golf

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Swinging away at Top Golf

Kayla Haemmerle, Staff Member

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It was a day like any other for sophomore Ethan Treend, climbed from the back of his mom’s Nissan and started to head towards the glass doors of TopGolf for practice. His laughter from one of his sister’s corny jokes filled the parking lot with light hearted echoes. He greeted his instructor Ryan and headed to the bay at the end of the aisle. Treend took his first steps towards ball, choking up and gripping the club he drew back his elbow and keeping his hips straight as he takes his first swing. Striking the ball, he feels the vibrations radiate through his toes, driving the ball to the far left target. His instructor begins to chat with Treend mentioning the new program from the company and begins to tell Treend to bring his school team to train for free. Treend takes the new information, and takes it to who comes together with coach Tom Ferry to begin planning a schedule for the team to train at the newly provided facility.

The team, lead by Tom Ferry will be practicing at Top Golf Sports Bar & Restaurant. Treend had been practicing at Topgolf when his instructor, Ryan, told him that he could bring the Lawrence North team to the facility to practice for free.

Top Golf wanted to sponsor and welcome schools to practice at the facility. The first few schools to sign up for this opportunity are given practice time for free. Lawrence North was the first school to sign up. However Ferry and Penrose have discussed “repaying” the staff by trading the time the team takes in the bays for advertising in the weekly newsletter.  

The team will practice here two days a week after school, the days will be between Monday through Thursday, no specific schedule has been determined. The new outdoor location will help simulate a more game like experience. “It’s going to be a lot of focus on aim”, Ferry said. Top Golf being outdoors helps the team by allowing them to target practice as well as getting more accurate when wind causes the ball to change direction and it’s path curve.

The time at TopGolf is specifically for the boys team, however girls are welcome to join. The boys on the team are excited to fine tune skills that aren’t regularly practiced. The team has a regular practice place in the upstairs gym, this is indore practice and not as many targets are available as well as no changes in situations.

“I think it would be a lot better than hitting in a net which is what we normally do,” said Senior Jacob Penrose.

Players are hoping that the new practice space will help bring some exposure to the team and encourage people to join for next season. “Hopefully it will get more people on the team”, Said junior Niles Medley.

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