Student Athletes on the Road to Success

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Student Athletes on the Road to Success

Paige Coffey, Intro to Journalism Student

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On Feb. 6, 15 student athletes signed their letters of commitment to universities around the country. The athletes used their skills on and off of the field this year while maintaining an average GPA of 3.805.  

¨Universities will look for what these kids can do,¨ Athletic Director, Mike Penrose, said.

The signing students are Ryli John (Marian University), Deon Pettiford (Indiana State University), Jacob Penrose (Wabash University), Caleb Vaughn (University of Indianapolis), Sarah Greer (Loyola-Chicago University), Kednal Alexis (University of Indianapolis), Cole Sherman (Hanover University), Derin McCulley (Ball State University), Maalik Houston (Northwood University), Spencer Price (Indiana Tech University), Erik Wilhelm (University of Indianapolis), Will Shepler (Wabash University), Will Spear (University of Indianapolis), Harold Jones (Ball State University) and Connor Benson (Butler University).

¨One thing I know is that they’re great athletes, students and people,” Penrose said.   

Athletes are evaluated by their physical and academic skills, as well as their overall personality. Recruiting universities seek out students that could benefit themselves by gaining a higher education while still having the chance to regularly compete against opposing schools.

¨Students have to be as committed to the university as they are to them,¨ Penrose said.  

Connor Benson has signed to continue his athletic career as a kicker for the Butler football team.

¨Being able to know that I´m going to my dream school next year is pretty exciting,¨ Benson said.

With becoming committed to their future colleges, signed students are ready to take the next step in their sports and academic careers in the upcoming fall semester.

¨I´m so lucky to be able to do what I love to do,¨ Benson said.     





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