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Bella Bravada and Legacy Represent Lawrence North at SCC Invitational

Paige Coffey, Beginning Journalism Student

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Bella Bravada and Legacy, two show choirs, competed for a grand-champ title on March 2 at South Dearborn High School against 13 other show choirs from around the state.

Bella Bravada won first-runner-up and Legacy won Grand Champ in their division, third runner up overall and best band. Legacy member, junior Jonah Herrmann, won best male performer and soloist. In addition to this, junior and Bella Bravada member Courtney Daniels won best overall performer of the competition.  

¨I´m proud of both Bella and Legacy for how they performed. They´re only getting better,¨ Jennifer Gafron said.

Bella Bravada performed their setlist that consisted of ¨Rush¨ by Aly and AJ, ¨Boss¨ by Fifth Harmony, ¨By the Grace of God¨ by Katy Perry and ¨Feel It¨ by Portugal the Man.

Legacy performed ¨Ready Set Go¨ by Pharrell Taylor, ¨War¨ by Edwin Starr, ¨Please Stay¨ by Jake Runestad, ¨What goes Around Comes Around¨ by Gloria Estefan and ¨Dance, Dance, Dance¨ by Monsteak.  

¨There´s a lot of dedication within both choirs,¨ Gafron said.

Every since July of 2018, the two show choirs have prepared for their competitions with extensive athletic training that can last from two to six hours. This training includes choir camps, running around the school while singing and dance rehearsals.

¨The whole experience was fun, but it’s exhausting. There’s more to show choir than people realize,¨ Anna Sole, sophomore and Bella Bravada member, said.   

According to Gafron and various show choir members, the opposing choirs brought their A-game to the competition just as much as they did. The opposing choirs were from Jennings County High School, Mylon High School, Batesville High School, Lawrenceburg High School, Northwest High School, Norwell High School, Beech High School, Donelson High School, Christian Academy, McGavock High School, Columbus East High School and Shelbyville High School.  

¨All the choirs that performed were good, but some of the other ones were just really good,¨Alexa Gordon, freshman and Bella Bravada member, said.

During the competition season, the two choirs have created a bond that makes them feel like family. Before every show, they create an optimistic environment by spending time with each other.  

¨I’m with all the people that I’ve performed with from the beginning. It´s made an emotional impact on me,¨ Janelle Jenkins, senior and Legacy member, said.   

Throughout all of the hard work that each of the members have put it throughout the year, there isn’t a moment that any of them would change. To the members of Bella Bravada and Legacy, choir is more than an elective or a group that they get to compete with. It is a sisterhood.

¨You create a bond with every person in the group when you’re on stage,¨ Gordon said.  

This was the first year that two LN show choirs were able to go to the finals invitational. In addition to this, this is the first year that Bella Bravada has began competing as a show choir.  Even though both choirs did not come out on top like they all had hoped, Gafron says it was still an achievement to them all due to the hard work and changes that they’ve endured.

¨They all have a drive and hunger to become better musicians,¨ Gafron said.


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Bella Bravada and Legacy Represent Lawrence North at SCC Invitational