Winter Percussion faces regionals

Sania Nelson, Beginning Journalism Student

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This year’s Winter Percussion has made it to regionals again for the 5th time. Regionals will be held on Saturday and Sunday at Franklin Central High School. LN will be going against Plainfield high school and Greenfield high school. Although it is an all day event, LN winter percussion is scheduled to start at 3:47 p.m.. On sunday the members of the ensemble will find out if they have made it to finals that day.

“We’re having rehearsals this week and working on certain shows chucks we needed to work on from previous weekend. We do have pretty much every week where we try to make them as perfect as possible.” Caleb Jansen, Winter Percussions drums. Mr.Titus has the winter percussion working really hard since this will be their 5th time going to regionals but has only won twice.

“A lot of our music was written and arranged by our directors such as the main theme from the HBO tv show Succession”  Band director Titus has written songs that will be played throughout the event.” Jansen said.

“This will be LN’s 5th time going to regionals and we have only won twice so hopefully we come back with this win and make it to the finals” Titus hopes that the Winter Percussion will make regionals and go onto the finals. LN wishes you guys the best of luck. GO CATS!

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