A walk to raise awareness

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A walk to raise awareness

Adriana Brown, Beginning Journalism Student

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Best Buddies will be participating in a Friendship Walk to help raise awareness for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The walk will be held on Sunday, April 28 in the Celebration Plaza at White River State Park.

“This is for Best Buddies Indiana. It’s one of their biggest fundraisers. It’s a walk for inclusion, and it brings together over 2,000 people from the state to support Best Buddies Indiana,” Spenser Weiler, Best Buddies adviser, said.

Weiler has had lots of experience in the Best Buddies program as a student member, officer, advisor, and employer with Best Buddies.

“I would have to say being the adviser is my favorite role because I like teaching my students how to be leaders themselves, and I like teaching self advocacy and getting to see friendships formed. We are definitely trying to change the stigma and change some of the culture here around Lawrence North,” Weiler said. “It’s cool to see.”

And there are fellow LN students that may be curious as to what Best Buddies really is.

“Every month, normally on Wednesday, we have little outings or stay in school and do activities with the disabled kids. It’s really just a club for everyone to get to know each other better, and to promote inclusion with other students,” Best Buddies President Junior Olivia Newkirk said.

Best Buddies will be hosting a Friendship Walk T-shirt decorating event for all participants of the Friendship Walk. The T-shirt decorating will be held on March 19 from 4- 5:30 p.m. at LN in room 165. To participate in the T-shirt decorating event you can pick up a flyer outside room 165.

“Joining our Friendship Walk team is a good start to raise awareness and to be more involved in Disability Awareness Month,” said Weiler.

Best Buddies wants students to become more aware of those around them with disabilities. It is important to advocate for inclusion of all students and to form friendships.

“I like to be in Best Buddies because I like to be around the different kinds of Best Buddies,” Club member Madyson Brunner said.

Best Buddies is still accepting people to join their team in the Friendship Walk. To join their team students can register at https://www.bestbuddiesfriendshipwalk.org/indianapolis/ and join the LN Best Buddies. The bus leaves Lawrence North at 9 a.m. and the walk begins at 10:30 a.m. To RSVP to ride the bus contact [email protected].

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