Promising Staples: Prom Court

Elizabeth Coats, Social Media editor

Why should the student body vote for you?

Braeden Archie:

“People should vote for me because I am an all around good person to those around me.”

Caleb Vaughn:

“Throughout my years at Lawrence North, I believe I’ve had a big impact on the school and I think that it would be cool if I could win Prom King with my girlfriend (Grace Dean).”

Dion Grundy:

“I was homecoming king, so might as well win prom king too.”

Kenyata Helloms:

“I‘m not a typical candidate. I don’t do sports or anything, I’m just a student. It shows people that you don’t have to do everything in school to be recognized.”

Derin McCulley:

“I think that I possess the leadership. I’m a cool guy, fun to be around and I like hanging out with my friends. That’s why I feel like people should vote for me.”

Terrianna Lyles:

“I am very kind. I feel like I have a very diverse group of friends. I feel like I represent what a queen is supposed to be among my peers.”

Destiny Williams:

“I feel like I’ve had a positive impact on this school and that my presence has been enjoyed hopefully. I think that I would be a good candidate for prom queen.”

Grace Dean:

“I think it would be fun. My parents were both on prom court and won, so that would be cool if I could carry on that tradition.”

Sa’Mariah Harding:

“Throughout my four years being at LN, I have shown what a true friend is as well as making sure that I put others before me. I feel like I would be a good representation of LN if I was to win.”

Camryn Allen:

“I think people should vote for me for prom queen because I think I represent the Wildcats and I take pride in my school.”