Issue 8: Logic Puzzle and Answers


It’s prom week and 5 friends are going to hang out as a group with their dates. The boys all tried to match their dates’ dresses, they each picked their dates up at different times, and after prom they all went separate ways with their dates.

  1. Mauricio asked Rhonda, but she told him she already had a date. So he asked her sister instead, and she accepted.
  2. Pierre and his date were the only ones late to prom. Because they were late, they ended up fighting and Ashley decided not to go out to dinner with him afterwards.
  3. Damian’s date wore a red dress. Joey’s date wore black.
  4. Zoe’s date did not pick her up first or last. However she did not want to go to a party or a club after prom.
  5. Mauricio who is never late to anything, always early, picked up his date and made sure he gave her a white flower, and had a great time at the dance.
  6. Joey couldn’t decide between Rhonda and Renee since they were sisters, so he made sure he asked one of the other girls.
  7. Brian didn’t really even want to go to the prom. He likes to stay at home, hang out with the family and watch movies, so he wasn’t too quick on picking up his date. He figured the later the better, however he did not want to be late.
  8. Rhonda and her date were a on again, off again couple, and when they dated, they spent tons of time at the beach. It was always their favorite spot.
  9. Zoe wore a purple dress last year to prom and went there with Brian. They did not have a good time, so Brian did not want his date to wear purple and did not want his date to be Zoe again.
  10. Mauricio and Pierre are the big party guys of the group, hardly ever stay with one girl, while the rest of the guys are the romantics. Mauricio’s brother works at a club, and even though that’s where he spends many weekends, did not feel like going to one on prom night, but he wanted to party.
  11. Damian picked up his red-hot date at a quarter after six.