Charity fundraiser: ‘Clue’


Audra Gilman, Staff Member

Senior Lauren Newell steps out onto the stage, excitement overwhelms her as she delivers her first line. Lawrence North’s play Clue will take the main stage on May 18 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $5. Clue is a murder mystery play, which has been made into a board game. The play is about a group of guests who are invited to a party in a night filled with blackmail and secrets. Newell plays Mrs. Peacock, the eccentric wife of a senator.

“I usually play more serious and somber characters, so playing a really extravagant character is really fun. [Mrs. Peacock] has an accent, so sometimes it’s hard to keep that going,” Newell said.

Clue is different from what LN has put on in recent years. The production is apart of a charity event which is run by the National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society and the students in the theatre department. NHS will be selling items related to their chosen causes in front of the auditorium. The charities NHS will be representing are the Humane Society [aims to stop animal cruelty], Indiana Youth Group [creates safe spaces for LGBTQ youth], the Villages of Indiana [protects a child’s right to a nurturing home] and Medical Mutts [trains service animals]. Two dollars from each Clue ticket sale goes to the Julian Center which helps support women who face domestic violence. Newell hasn’t been in a production where proceeds go to different causes.

“This is my first play where proceeds have gone to a charity. This is a student run production so we don’t really have any adult involvement. This is a big show with lots of talent from the students,” Newell said.

Seniors Neha Hemachandra and Jace Henderson, are the directors of Clue and have had little to no adult help while putting on the production. They have always wanted to direct a play. Not only are they directing Clue, but they are both acting in it. Hemachandra plays Miss Scarlet, a cynical woman interested in secrets. Henderson plays Wadsworth who is the British butler. Hemachandra is also president of NHS and is in charge of both directing and organizing the fundraiser.

“With the talent, passion and dedication of both organizations, our goal is to cultivate art and  inspire change. This is my passion. This was our chance to use the potential of these professional, uniquely gifted and accomplished students to make a difference,” Hemachandra said.

In addition to Clue, this project is a unique collaboration. While NHS informs patrons of different causes, the NAHS provides sets for Clue. The actors worked hard to put on an entertaining show.

“It’s so exhilarating being able to show people what we’ve been working on for so long. Clue is just a really funny show with wacky characters that everyone can love,” Newell said.