Sinking ship of expectations

How a certain famous romantic movie about two kids on a boat is not as good as it seems


Adriana Brown, Staff Member

Historical fiction movies can many times be very moving for an audience. Hotel Rwanda, Hidden Figures, The Help. All great movies that made an impact on people’s lives. However that is only if a movie is done right, and Titanic is not one of them. 

The Titanic is a historical drama based off of the tragic sinking in 1912. Although the event was a tragedy, the script was focused on the romantic relationship between a wealthy 17 year woman Rose and a charming but poor artist Jack. The story follows their week long relationship, and Rose’s journey to becoming independent from her mother and future fiance. If written right, the story could’ve been a moving and romantic movie, but sadly turned into a cheesy and cliche story line and here’s how:

The Titanic was a real life event that killed over a thousand passengers on the ship. Because of the story being so focused on Rose and Jack, it took away from the seriousness of it all. There was an uneven balance of romance and nonfiction. Now granted, the movie was not supposed to be an exact representation of the Titanic itself, but there still wasn’t enough factual evidence to back up the story line. If people don’t have a knowledge of what actually happened, there might be some confusion on why Jack and Rose are on the ship in the first place. 

Jack’s Death

Everybody knows that there was absolutely no reason Jack had to die. There were many ways Jack and Rose could have both survived. One way is that they could’ve took turns sitting on the door, when in reality they didn’t have to do that considering how large the door was. They both easily could’ve sat next to each other. I realize that the way he died was to add dramatic effect, but overall it was not realistic, and let’s be honest, if I was dying I would’ve forced my way on that door. 

The Very End

In the last ending scene of the movie, Rose dies but before she dies she began to have flashbacks of her and Jack. What was the most ridiculous part of the ending was the fact that Rose was still in love with a man that she only spent a week with. Rose was nearly a hundred years old. After the Titanic had happened, she had gotten married and had kids. Instead of having flashbacks of memories with her kids or her husband, she had flashbacks about a week long fling she had decades ago. It was a little absurd how an experience she had when she was 17 years old, left that big of an impact on her life. 

So although these factors make the movie pretty cliche and predictable, these are only a small bit of the nearly three hour movie. Let’s not forget about the amazing acting and graphics throughout the movie. So yes, the script should have been thought over, the actors handled the material very well, and the detailed scenes and backgrounds are good enough to distract anyone from the confusing story line. 

So whether you like the movie or not, I think it is safe to say that the Titanic is not the worst movie in the world, and if you are a die-hard Titanic fan, you still have the right to love the movie, because even haters can agree it’s a classic.