PAC hosts winter formal


Hannah Melick, Managing Editor

LN’s first ever winter dance will be held tomorrow, Jan. 25, in the main gym from 8-11 p.m. Put together and organized by the PAC, the dance costs $10 and the proceeds will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and LN Dance Marathon. According to PAC president senior Gaby Manner, this winter dance was something the group had been wanting to do for a long time.

“LC has always had one, and I know since I was a sophomore, everyone’s been wanting to have one. We were always like, ‘Oh, we’re going to plan one next year’ and so last year I got together with the officers and we were like ‘okay we’re going to actually do this this year’ and so we started planning actually in the summer. We set up dates in August already for the dance, so we’ve been planning this for a while,” Manner said.

The PAC students are completely in control of the scheduling of the event, with everything from dates to decorations. With the involved students in charge of the planning aspects, PAC sponsor Tonya Fisher’s role is to navigate the students and support them in the process.

“It’s a lot of planning, and there’s a lot of moving parts. So they talked about a lot of obstacles the past couple of years and then this year, they put it all together and were able to find a date and figure out decorations. They’ve worked really hard at organizing everything and making committees and kind of delegating some of the work out to the student government,” Fisher said.

The theme for the dance is a simple winter wonderland. Along with the crisp colors and snowflakes, the group plans to have a decorated place to take photos, and entrance way and an experienced DJ.

“Well it’s supposed to be really pretty, it’s supposed to be all blue and white and snowflakes and we have a lot of moms coming in and helping us decorate on Saturday so it will be really pretty. We have a really good DJ that actually does stuff for the Colts tailgating so he’s really good. We put song requests on Canvas so students can put their own things in it,” Manner said. 

In creating a fun and simple dance for the students to enjoy, the PAC wanted to be mindful of some of the other events coming up for the student body, such as prom.

“We wanted to have a dance that’s fun, but we didn’t want it to be really fancy or over the top. Because one, we know we have just come off the holidays and people are also getting ready for prom in the spring, and that’s a really big expense, so we wanted to have a time for students to be able to come together and have fun at a dance, but not spend a ton of money,” Fisher said.

It was important to the organization to plan a dance without the big expense or stress that some other dances hold.

“Senior year, I wanted to go one last time,” senior Christian Anderson said.

The student government is excited and hopeful for a positive turnout. One of the main goals is to establish this as an annual event to last for years to come.

“I know it’s the first one, and so probably not a lot will go, but I want it to continue after I leave,” Manner said.