Minecraft: A decade worth of changes


Michael Terry, Staff member

Endless Parodies, memes and even a convention were sprung from the creativity of a fanbase, and while there were plenty of people on the positive side of the argument, saying that it was “The most revolutionary game of the 21st century” and others saying “It’s an unnecessary waste of time”, Both sides can agree that it revolutionized game culture forever. And no, I’m not talking about Halo, Call of Duty, or even Mario, it’s a relatively new, and enrapturing video game launched in 2010, and rests second to only Tetris for the most successful game in the world.

 Ask any kid that played video games in elementary and middle school in the early to mid 2010’s and the very late 2010’s, and they’d probably mention Minecraft, A Swedish open world sandbox with endless possibilities. And there’s a reason for this, no other game gave the experience of open world + Survival gameplay. So what led to the craze of block-placing, mob-killing, “Creeper” Sweatshirt-Wearing Gen-Z phenomenon? Here’s a look back at the outstanding 10 years of Minecraft.

Minecraft is currently in Version 1.15, and for 10 Years, the game has evolved from only block placing and mining, to an immense realm where you can do pretty much anything. In 2009, the Alpha Version of Minecraft was released, initially named “Cave Game”. This version was little more than destroying and placing premade blocks to create your shelter to survive the night. it’s cemented itself in the figurative and literal hall of fame of games. Minecraft has set many world records, and has even been made its own Guinness World Record section.

So, how’s the game 10 years later? Extremely different. The first iteration of Minecraft was simple, and the graphics were so basic, it felt like your grandma’s toaster oven could probably run it. Now, graphic improvements, advancements in computer and TV technology, and the introduction of multiple handheld platforms, the Minecraft game can look stunningly realistic, and it puts other more nonfiction titles in a competition.

Minecraft began with only a few hostile “Mobs”, a name given to entities other than the player, and controlled by the computer. Some of these are actual monsters made up in science fiction, Like the Zombie and Skeleton, some even really exist, such as the Silverfish, Sheep, Cows, Pigs, Chickens, Spiders and Cave Spiders, and some are just plain weird, like Ghasts, Endermen, Slimes, and Zombie Pigmen. And the two game bosses, the Wither, and the Ender Dragon.

In the current Iteration of Minecraft, Many new mobs have been added, from naturally occurring, to downright fictitious. The most recent update added Bees into the game, a passive mob that, when provoked, will attack the player. Other current additions include, Iron Golems, Snowmen, Cats and Ocelots, Dogs and Wolves, Bears, Nightmarish Phantoms, Foxes, Mushroom-Covered Cows called “Mooshrooms”, Box-Encased “Shulkers”, Crossbow Wielding Villagers (Pillagers), and finally Spell-Casting and Axe-Throwing “illagers”. Most of these mobs are passive, and will run when provoked, but others may attack on sight, and send you fleeing in the opposite direction.

As of version 1.15, the Minecraft universe has expanded and expanded, with the realm of the Nether and Dimension of the End, being the “Ending Point” of an endless game, opening up even more possibilities. The nether is a hot, barren landscape, encompassing lava lakes, reversed ceilings, and fortresses, Fires never stop burning, and you can die if you place a bad footstep. The End however, is a landscape containing only obsidian, and a sandstone-like block called “End Stone”. This is where you travel to defeat the final boss. Some mobs only spawn in the End, Such as the Ender Dragon, Some only in the Nether such as the Ghasts and zombie Pigmen, and some spawn in all three, being the Wither and Endermen.

That may have been a lot of information, but one last thing, no matter what the version of Minecraft, you can always hop in and begin playing, no matter if it’s your first night, or if you’ve spent over 2,ooo hours playing, it’s always adaptable and easy to begin, so no matter what level you are, grab a game console, phone or laptop, press new game, and start your adventure, the possibilities are endless!