How about we keep the masks

Why, for now, it is still imperative to keep mask mandates active

How about we keep the masks

In the year 2020 through the beginning of 2021 we have had a tragic pandemic that has left us with social distancing, wearing face masks 24/7, major events being cancelled and so much more that has impacted people and their everyday lives. Many people have had the concern of when the mask mandate will be over completely and if it should be over right now. I say it should not for a long period of time considering there are still very many cases of COVID-19 still to this day. 

COVID-19 has been around for a good while now but thankfully with the smart people we have in the world, a vaccine shot was created to help prevent COVID-19 in which ages 12 and up have been approved to get. With that being said, we should keep our social distance and face masks a go until everyone has gotten the vaccine or at least until the cases of COVID-19 have a major drop in numbers. We as a whole are trying to resist the spread of COVID-19 in any way possible and if that means continuing our ways of wearing face masks and social distancing then that is what we should do. 

Recently the mask mandate in counties such as Tippecanoe county and Johnson county have been dropped but other counties such as Marion county and the City of Huntington have announced an extension of the mask mandate. However, we as a whole of Indiana are trying to end COVID-19 overall and we should all continue to wear masks and social distance until further notice of COVID-19 cases dropping or even being none at all. 

Being in school, there are over hundreds of students and faculty per week since we have gone back full virtual and we can only do so much as of social distancing and having only a certain amount of students in the lunch room or gym at a time, wearing masks helps make things a little easier to do things at school. 

We are not completely sure on how well the vaccine will do so next school year they are offering an all in person option, an all virtual option and a hybrid option as well. Personally, I do not feel safe going back to school yet so I will be continuing the option of all virtual until the cases of Covid drop by a lot.