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Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe- Thailand Tutor (4/19/16)

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  1. Ingredients

    1. 1 box Betty Crocker™ cake mix (I use white cake mix, but it can be any kind of them!)
    2. ½ cup (8 tbsp) melted butter
    3. 1 tbsp milk
    4. 1 tsp vanilla
    5. 1 egg
    6. 1 cup chocolate chips (I use semi-sweet one)


    1. Heat oven to 350°F (325°F for dark or nonstick pan)
    2. Mix cake mix, butter, milk, vanilla, and egg together with spoon until smooth (or mix with the electric mixer on medium speed) *Mix in additional 1 tbsp of milk if it’s too dry*
    3. Stir the dough in chocolate chips
    4. Drop dough by slightly less than tablespoonfuls (I use ice cream scooper though) 2 inches apart on cookie sheets
    5. Bake cookies about 10-12 mins or until edges are set (centers will be soft and the color of cookies will be very light
    6. Cool cookies off for a min, then remove them from cookies sheet to cooling rack.
    7. DONE!
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Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe- Thailand Tutor (4/19/16)