Camaya’s Cloud: Dealing with stress and anxiety

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We all have felt the familiar feeling of anxiety or stress creep up into our lives when we’ve least expected it to. There are many ways to become overwhelmed in our fast paced lives, especially with the school year coming to a close and finals vastly approaching. It’s easy to think about all the things going wrong in your life and even harder to reflect on the good. Realize that everyone needs a break, even your technology devices, such as your cellphones and chromebooks that you’re on constantly, need a resting period to recharge again before working properly. There are ways to dramatically shift your ability to feel at ease and recreate the joy you once had. By taking care of your well being and mind, you can decrease your stress levels immensely. A great way to start off is by getting all of your thoughts and feelings off your chest. You can write down all your thoughts in a journal, you can speak to a trusted adult, or you can even phone a friend. Someone is always available to you even when it seems there’s no one to talk to. Relaxation is key to anxiety and giving yourself a well-deserved break is necessary. This can be achieved several ways through self care. Listening to calming music, taking a warm bath or even a hot meal can keep the body feeling soothed and your mind off the negative aspects in your life. Keeping your mind healthy is just as, if not more, important as keeping the body healthy. Your brain is the sole source of the entire body and if it’s been drained how can you expect to do ordinary things, such as simply getting up in the morning? Being active in your everyday life can contribute to whether or not you’re feeling down. Studies have shown that excessive amounts of staring at a screen can lead to depression due to lack of human interaction and motivation to do anything. Take a moment to log off your computer, turn off your phone and go for a walk or a jog in your neighborhood. Exercise and yoga stretch the body and benefit the brain, giving both a boost of energy. Last, but certainly not least, learn to take control of your situation. If you’re second guessing your ability to do something amazing, just do it you don’t need an invitation your own life. With these self-care tips in mind, anyone can decrease anxiety and stress levels. Always have time to pause and recollect yourself. Appreciate the present moment and all the positivity life has to offer.


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