Robotics promotes STEM growth through Lawrence with recent success

Lawrence robotics continued it’s success of late at the world championships last month. The team went to the world championships after wrapping up competitions in Indiana and being crowned as one of the best teams in Indiana. At the world championships, the team’s alliance, which composed of four robots, made it to the finals in their division and placed second in the field resulting in the team being in the top 16 robots in the world. Senior Ryan Murphy was a pivotal part of the team’s success in St Louis. The success was a relief for Murphy, and a sign of hard work showing up.

“It really feels great when you do that well, almost as if you’re on top of the world,” Murphy said “However it feels even better when, at that point your team truly works together and that everything you’ve worked so hard for finally pays off, that is the feeling that makes everything great.”

Sophomore Keith Preston, a member of the robotics team, believes the success at the world championships shows the recent improvements of Science Technology Engineering Math throughout the Lawrence community.

“It shows that Lawrence North, MCIT, and the community is continuing to improve the engineering programs and it absolutely proves the quality of leadership from teachers, mentors and staff have displayed in order for our team to succeed,” Preston said

For Murphy, the success from the robotics team sends a message that STEM can be fun, and something that you can learn from.

“I think that our recent success had to help spread the message that STEM is truly amazing and fun, but more importantly is that anything is possible as long as you have dedication and believe in what you are doing,” Murphy said