LN begins athletic complex renovation

Renovations have already begun, and will continue as improvements are being made to the LN athletic facilities. The construction began during the summer of 2016, as updates were made to the newly renamed Jack Keefer Gymnasium. The gym received a new court, with a new design for the 2016-17 athletic year. Today, installation has begun on brand new bleachers for the gym, which will now be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Construction has also begun on a new athletics building which will take form in the west endzone of Dwaine C. Bell Stadium. The new building will feature locker rooms and meeting areas for all outdoor sports.

Also making it’s way to Lawrence North athletics next year will be a new football stadium. The new stadium construction will begin after football season has finished, and will don a new name next season, as it will be renamed after the Ed Martin Automotive Group. The group made a 500,000 dollar donation to Lawrence Township for the naming rights to both the LN football stadium , and the LC football stadium.

Other renovations that are coming to or have already come to athletics include a brand new hall of fame area outside of the fieldhouse and new tennis facilities.