Oscar’s to showcase the best, brightest in cinema

Tony Reeves, Reporter

This year’s 2016 Oscar’s award shows nominees were announced Tuesday, January 24. They will take place Feb. 26 at the Dolby Theatre in LA. Live air time will be 8:30 p.m. and will be hosted by comedian and late night talk host Jimmy Kimmel.

Last years Oscar’s received flak for being too white. Although African-American comedian Chris Rock was the host, other celebrities like actor George Clooney believed it was still too white.

In an interview with Variety, Clooney said,“If you look back 10 years ago, the Academy was doing a better job.Think about how many more African Americans were nominated.”

This years Oscars have seemed to address this issue, with six African-Americans being nominated, a record number. This includes Denzel Washington for being in Fences and Viola Davis who became the first African-American actress to receive three nominations.

The movie La La Land, starred by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, received 14 nominations, the most of any movie in the 89th annual Oscars. This ties Titanic, and All About Eve for the most ever nominations for a movie. Gosling and Stone both were nominated for their performances in these movies as well. Grossing for over $177,683,148 worldwide, making it 44 highest grossing from 2016. Captain America: Civil War was the number one highest grossing in 2016 with $1,151,684,349 worldwide.

There are nine movies nominated for best picture. A few of these are Arrival, a sci-fi thriller where 12 spaceships land around the globe causing mayhem. Louise Banks played by Amy Adams, races against the clock to communicate with the aliens in an attempt to stop world conflict.

Lion, a five year old child, played by Sunny Pawar, gets lost on a train and taken thousands of miles away from home where he is adopted by an Australian couple. 25 years later he tracks his way back home to meet his real family.

La La Land, Sebastian and Mia are united to do what they love, but are faced with choices that threaten their love affair and their dreams they worked towards.

Hidden figures, the story of African-American women and their work at NASA to complete one of the greatest accomplishments in history, launching John Glenn into orbit and rejuvenating the Space Race in this previously untold story.

Hacksaw Ridge, a film based on real life heroics of Desmond T. Doss who saved countless men during the battle of Okinawa the bloodiest battle of WWII without firing a bullet.

Highlights of last years Oscars were Leonardo Dicaprio winning an oscar for his performance in The Revenant. This was his first Oscar even though being in a multitude of Oscar winning movies in a leading role before winning one of his own. There was also then Vice President Joe Biden taking the stage, while Lady Gaga performed, and multiple charities present, with girl scout cookies being bought for a total amount of $65,243, and $88,000 being donated to the residents of Flint Michigan for their tainted water issue that presents itself even today.

Not only do the Oscars recognize movies, actors, directors, animators, and the others that work behind the scenes of movies but also 21 scientific and technical achievements. This will take place Feb. 11 in the annual Scientific and Technical Awards Presentation. Special to scientific awards however, they don’t have to be created or introduced in 2016. They requirement that they demonstrate contributing value to making movies.

With the voting ballots of nominee’s peers beginning in December, the process of award our 2016 movies has began.