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Junior performs activity for benefit of community

Zoe Farley, Reporter

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Robbie Bruner, a Junior at LN,  along with only about five percent of all Boy Scouts is working towards finally getting the rank of Eagle Scout.  An eagle scout rank is the highest rank that a boy scout can earn, in order to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout they must receive several ranks before that, complete an Eagle Scout project and fill out a packet that shows you have certain aspects or qualities that an Eagle Scout must have. All of this must also be completed before their 18th birthday.

“An eagle scout project is a project that you must have approved by your district council that demonstrates leadership while performing a project for the benefit of the community,” said Bruner.

Bruner has been a boy scout for 11 years and throughout that entire time, his father has been his biggest inspiration to continue.

“ My dad is the one factor that has kept me in boy scouts all these years, he never got to be a boy scout. He’s been a scoutmaster and practically every position you can be as an adult in boy scouts,” said Bruner.

Now because of his father’s extreme motivation Bruner is completely self-motivated to continue in boy scouts. Bruner plans to do a pinewood derby in coordination with Riley Children’s Hospital

“A pinewood derby is a long wooden or aluminum track that is maybe 50 to 60 feet long and the all boy scouts primarily cub scouts because it’s something that you do while being a cub scout, make these little wooden cars and race them down the track,” said Bruner.

Bruner will be doing a PineWood Derby that will be along with an annual event at Riley.

“The event is always really fun, there’s usually food and cake judging contests and other things like that. I’m doing me in coordination with Riley’s Children Hospital and they’re doing a sort of Indy 500 race party. My event will be making up about 75% of the event itself, there will be race car drivers there and other activities,” said Bruner.

When deciding on what project to do, Bruner wanted to think outside the box and find a unique project.

“We have the scout law which says that a scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, Courteous, kind and so on. I really wanted to emphasize on friendly while finding a way to be unique,” said Bruner.

Bruner hopes that his project will bring joy to all the cub scouts attending and create memories that they won’t ever forget.

“ Of all the projects I could have done, this is definitely one I’m extremely glad to have picked,” said Bruner.

Dave Hoyt, Scoutmaster of troop 276 which is Bruner’s troop, could think of no one other than Bruner to become an Eagle Scout.

“Robbie becoming an Eagle Scout was never an option. He knew from day one he wanted to be an Eagle Scout and has worked very hard to accomplish his goal. Only 4% of young men who join scouting achieve the rank of Eagle Scout so it is a big deal that Robbie is accomplishing this goal,” Said Hoyt.

Hoyt is extremely happy that Bruner has followed through to becoming an Eagle Scout.

“Robbie is an amazing young man. He has been our SPL senior patrol leader in the past and currently assists with the new scouts when they cross over from Cub Scout.  Robbie has always been great with leading the scout and adult volunteers.  The best word to describe Robbie is Amazing,” Bruner said.

Hoyt received his Eagle Scout rank in 1980 and still considers it his greatest accomplishment. The rank of Eagle Scout still has a spot on his resume and has helped him achieve countless things throughout his life. He believes that Bruner will cherish his memories of becoming an Eagle Scout forever, Bruner also believes that becoming an Eagle Scout will be something that he will cherish.

“I’ll be an eagle scout till the day I die, I want to be active in scouting for as long I as can, I recently went to a district boy scouts dinner and there was a guy who was in scouting for around 70 years old there, I hope to stay active for as long as he has,” said Bruner.

Hoyt believes that Bruner is an amazing candidate to become an Eagle Scout and knows that he will continue to achieve things throughout his life

“Robbie is a true leader and an amazing young man. I am very proud of him and excited for him to complete his last few requirements. He has a big project he is working on as one of his requirements. If anyone can do this it is Robbie,” said Hoyt.

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Junior performs activity for benefit of community