School advises students to change passwords for security measures

Nick Roberts, Staff Member

Although rather unknown to the school, one change from last year is the new chromebook passwords that are selected by students rather than based off of the school’s system of determining it.

Hakeem Townsend, who works on Technology for Lawrence North, supported the change.

“It was a major security issue. If someone were to be able to have your birthday, as well as your student ID number, they could log onto your account. So for security for the students, we had to make sure everything was secure,” Townsend said.

“The change came from high up at the central office of Lawrence Township. But all the administrators agreed that this would be a good practice for the security of the students,” Townsend said.

One person who supports the changes is Junior Brooke Schmadeke.

“I think that it’s a good idea. Before this people were able to hack into each other’s Skywards and Google Docs,” Schmadeke said.

What Townsend and Schmadeke are alluding to is the well known fact that anyone could get anyone’s student ID number and birthday to access everything.

Regardless, so far this change seems to be accepted by most people and should be here to stay.