Faculty art show coming Friday, April 22

Art teacher Ashly Buschatzke is in charge of the Faculty Art Show, showcasing the work of many talented staff around the school. 

“We want to recognize that everyone in the building can be an artist, not just the art teachers,” Buschatzke said.

The faculty art show will be taking place Friday, April 22 in the Lawrence North media center.

Many different teachers across the school are participating, including administrative assistant Lakesha Arrington. She plans to show off her art skills with hand-sewn hand bags.

“I am participating in the faculty art show because I like to share my hobby that a lot of people don’t know I have,” Arrington said.

She got her inspiration for sewing from her father.

”I am inspired by my father as he is a tailor. He’s worked with materials for many, many years, and he’s the person that taught me how to sew. So, it’s just something I picked up from him,” she said.

Science teacher Matthew Carlile is submitting a ceramic planter to put plants in. He has been doing ceramics for about 20 to 30 years. 

”There is a ton of science related to the art, not that you have to know any of it to participate in the art because it’s ceramics,” he said. 

Carlile likes how the two disciplines of science and art relate.

“I think both science and art are very interesting, both the making of the art and the chemistry behind it. It’s actually pretty cool,” he said. 

The faculty art show is open to anyone to come and visit and see the artistic talents of the staff.