North Star staff recaps class memories


As the 2022-2023 school year comes to an end, we think about the memories that we have made throughout the school year. 

Normally classes at LN have 20-30 students. However, our North Star class has 11 students. Although we have had a small class, it’s safe to see that we have all had fun and made memories in this class as well as learning a lot of new things. 

Sophomore Sidney Patterson says that her favorite memory in this class is taking pictures and getting into football games for free. 

“I learned how to write a story and publish it. I’ve learned that everybody has different opinions and you can still agree with it sometimes,” Patterson said. 

Sophomore Samantha Mitchell says that her favorite memory from this class is, “When we were, no hate on Mrs. K, but when we were allowed to be alone in her room when she was gone because we would focus for a little bit and we’d all just goof off together. So that was always fun,” she said.

Mitchell has learned that you have to be independent in this class. “Mrs. K is flexible and wants her students to succeed.”

Sophomore Aidan Boston says that his favorite memory is, “Going to the football games and taking pictures and my friends being in here,” he said.

Boston has learned that sometimes it is hard to interview people. 

Over the course of the nine months that we’ve been in school, we have made lots of stories, graphics, and more. Patterson says that her favorite assignment she has done is Wildcat Weekly. 

“Honestly I really do like it because when there’s events going on, like, in the world, I get to decorate it,” Patterson said. 

Mitchell says that her favorite assignment was taking sports photos for basketball. 

“It was cool to be right there, and you saw everything,” Mitchell said. 

Boston’s favorite assignment was the NBA finals interviews. “They were pretty good and fun,” Boston said. 

If you’re a student at LN (or a future LN student) and you’re interested in journalism, here are some of the reasons why current North Star students would recommend taking this class. 

“I think it’s a great way you can explore a lot of different things. You can do podcasts, videos, news stories, graphic design, and I think it’ll really heighten use of the journalism world,” Patterson said. 

“Yeah, Mrs. K is a great teacher. She’ll help you with a lot. That’s what she’s done with me,” Boston said. 

“It’s independent. She (Mrs. K) explains what you need to do, you gotta do it. She’ll help you with anything you need, so it’s like you do it but you’re not alone. And if you want to do the interviews, design all of the things, make the announcements, every part of it is fun,” Mitchell said.