Fun for the summer

Enjoy a couple one-hour getaways close to home


Since summer is here, what do you plan on doing to enjoy the break? 

People might not have any ideas, and that is fine. 

But since summer break is here, let me give you something fun to do in an hour. 

Tuttle Orchard is not far from Lawrence, so get your bike out and take a bike ride and head over there. Once you get to Tuttle’s, you can pick some apples and drink some good cider. You should be finished within an hour. 




Another idea could be on a good warm day you should start swimming for about 20-30 minutes. Maybe hit the Y or your own pool, if you’re so lucky.  Then grab ice cream for 10 minutes. My favorite is Sundae’s. Finally, finish that hour with a nice nap. That’s one more idea for you. 


Since the St. Simon Festival is coming up. You should go to that for the whole hour and enjoy some rides and food with friends. 

No matter what you do, have a great summer Wildcats, and see you next year!