Who is winning the NBA Finals?


Now that we are in the Conference Finals, my playoff bracket was completely off by a mile. But for right now a lot of people are predicting the finals winner with there only being four teams left. Most of these predictions are very controversial.

The Western conference finals was probably the most anticipated of both sides. Some fans wanted to see LeBron and the Lakers win another ring. But it’s too late because the Nuggets swept them.

“The Lakers (should have won) this series and the finals. They just have that comeback mentality,” freshman William Irvin said. 

The Eastern conference finals are more one-sided with the Heat because of their “underdog” story and they are up 3-1, but some think this is more of the Celtics series and they think the Celtics will make a huge comeback. But Jimmy Butler and Jayson Tatum have some rivalry history together, since they have been to the ECF three times in the last four years.

Junior Elijah Darty says this will help them. 

“Celtics (will win), because they have a good offense and Jayson Tatum,” Darty said. 

But who do you think will win it all? All four teams have something big to prove. The Heat are showing NBA fans that they should be serious about this team. The Celtics are trying to get themselves back to the finals. And the Nuggets are trying to defy the narratives that are being set on them. 

So who will be matched with the Nuggets in the NBA Finals?