What are Wildcats watching?


It’s the start of the fall season which means new shows to watch! Critics are talking about the series “Only Murders In The Building” and “The Bear” on Hulu, but what do your fellow classmates recommend?

Sophomore Jackson Frisk recommended the American drama series “Breaking Bad.” “Breaking Bad” is about a man who finds out he has cancer. In order to make more money he goes into a dealing business that he has to learn to control in order to stay alive. “I like how unique it is and how realistic it could be. Because they put so much detail into it,” Frisk said. Frisk enjoys watching the show because the way the main character tried to make money for his family was a very different and unique way than any other show or movie. “My favorite character in the show would probably be Walter White because he was the main character, and I thought that what he was willing to do, and his perspective when it was shown, I just thought it was so interesting how he perceived everything around him and how he wanted to make the decisions he did.”

Senior Chasidy Hinton recommended the Emmy award winning drama series “Grey’s Anatomy.” “Grey’s Anatomy” is a show about doctors, surgeries, and the relationships in between. It’s in its 18th season. Her cheer team recommended it to her and she says the show teaches her to keep going. “I like everything about it, the relationships, the surgeries. It’s very entertaining,” Hinton said. Hinton says that it is a very entertaining show and it’s continuous because it has a lot of seasons. “My favorite character is Meredith because she has relationships with everybody and she is the main character.” 

Junior Skylar Holden recommends the Netflix original “The Haunting of Hill House.” “The Haunting of Hill House” is a horror series about a family that confronts haunting memories from their old home. “It’s pretty scary, You know… I’ve jumped a couple of times and movies and shows don’t really make me jump, so it’s pretty good,” Holden said. Holden enjoys watching “The Haunting of Hill House” because it’s scary and he would recommend it to others who are fans of horror. “Don’t trust houses on top of hills,” Holden said.

Sophomore Esmeralda Garcia recommends the Japanese manga series, “Tokyo Revengers”. “Tokyo Revengers” is based on a boy who is able to time travel and alternate the past and future. Garcia said a friend had recommended this show and they decided to try to watch it and ended up really enjoying it. “I think most people are into action these days so, if you like action or anything that has to do with time travel, this is a really good show,” Garcia said. Garcia says that there are aspects of the show that they relate to, such as the main character failing but getting back up and trying again. The show teaches them to never give up and to keep going. “I don’t have a favorite character but if I had to choose it’d be the main character because the way he tries his hardest to change the future so that it has a good ending is really inspiring,” Garcia said.