What happened to the good old snow days?


Samantha Mitchell, Staff Member

Remember when we’d wake up and go watch the news to see if our school would finally let us have a snow day?
That reality is gone now. It’s gone because 2020 has continued to ruin things all the way into 2023.
We don’t get to have a fun break randomly with a snow storm anymore. Instead, we have to wake up and ​​Zoom in with teachers who don’t know if their students are actually there and if students who are there will do everything but the work given. Obviously that’s not fun, especially when we had to have Zoom school for two years.
Why not just keep those snow day breaks? Realistically it makes sense. We don’t have to make up for those days that we miss with snow days so we get out of school on time instead of a couple days later. However we had/have built in snow days therefore we still get out on time so why not just have the day off?
High school is hard. School is long, and I always look forward to the weeknd a little day break is always so needed when it comes to getting more sleep,or getting an extra day to finish work.
I think we should have our old snow days back because there seems to be only benefits to it while Zoom can have technical issues, Zoom bombers, meetings not long enough to get through classes, and students not working well online.
Maybe it’s because the last time we had proper snow days was also when we got to watch “Polar Express” and drink hot chocolate just because it’s winter, but I think we should have our old snow days back.