Media Center shrinks into B300

Library is smaller in move to new building, but the size is only temporary

Media assistant Heidi Donaldson had to move from a spacious book-filled library to a much smaller streamlined library when the big construction move at Lawrence North came a few weeks ago. 

The new media center is on the third floor in B300. The move is temporary and if everything goes to plan, the library should be big again by next year.

“We’ve made a pretty smooth transition from our very large spacious library to our cozy little library and we were able to bring quite a few books and activities,” Donaldson said.

The media center will move to its real space once final construction finishes. Until then, the library still has lots of books and students can even request  books they want to read. The Lawrence North library has a joint system with Indiana Public Libraries. Any book students can find at a public library they can get ordered to the school library. 

“We collaborate with Indiana Public Libraries. We’re called the shared system library. You can always request books from them and get them sent to our library,” Donaldson said.

The library has a wide range of books and activities even though it is smaller in size. An average library holds 100,000 books. 

“The little library houses a little over 2,000 books. Compared to our old library we had close to 11,000 or 12,000 books,”Donaldson said.

Even though the library is less spacious there are still plenty of books and activities to do during students’ free time and study halls. Students must still sign up to go to the media center, and spots are limited now with the smaller space. However, there are plenty of books to go read and request. 

“Though it’s small, we still have a majority of activities and books we had in the bigger library here in the smaller library,” Donaldson said.