NBA Playoffs begin this weekend

My prediction: Clippers in 7

When all is said and done, it will be the Clippers in 6. Take a look at this bracket. You can make your predictions on

When all is said and done, it will be the Clippers in 6. Take a look at this bracket. You can make your predictions on

The NBA Playoffs begin on Saturday, April 15. This season is really exciting for me, especially the Western Conference. All the teams on that side of the NBA are so talented. 

There are four teams in what they call the “NBA Play-In,” starting April 11, where the 7th and 8th seed and then the 9th and 10th fight to get into the playoffs. Those teams are the Lakers (7), Timberwolves (8), Pelicans (9), and Thunder (10). The 7th and 8th seed play and whoever wins that game gets the 7th seed, who will play the 2nd seed (Memphis Grizzlies), and the loser plays the winner of the 9th and 10th seed game to get the 8th seed to play the 1st seed (Denver Nuggets). On the other side of the bracket in the Eastern Conference are the Heat (7), Hawks (8), Raptors(9), and Bulls(10). 

What I think is going to happen is the Lakers(7) and the Thunder(8) will be the 7th and 8th seeds and make the playoffs. And the Hawks(7) and Raptors(8) will make it as well. But although they make the playoffs, I dont they will last long with all teams but the Lakers, losing in four games. The Lakers will lose in six games. 

Moving forward, the Nuggets (1), Grizzlies (2), Bucks (1), and Celtics (2) will advance to the Conference Semifinal. Now the other series are very difficult to predict. The Suns (4) and the Clippers (5) play, and I have the Clippers moving on due to their amazing depth on the bench. Then, the Warriors (6) and Kings (3) play, and I have the Kings winning this one because the Kings are the best 4th quarter team in the league and also the Warriors can’t win away games. 

Now for the East, the 76ers (3) and the Nets (6) play, and I have the 76ers winning it. They just have the better team. Then, the Cavaliers (4) and the Knicks (5) play, and I have the Knicks upsetting the Cavaliers because the Knicks are a lot more efficient in most ways. So, the teams moving forward will be the Clippers, Kings, Knicks, and 76ers, to join them in the conference semifinals. Now the Nuggets (1) and the Clippers (5) play, and I’m going to take the upset, I think the Nuggets are not as good as their record shows, and Paul George will be back for this series. Then, the Grizzlies (2) and Kings (3) play, and this one is very difficult to pick a winner. But, I’m going to go with my gut and say the Grizzlies pull it off in a close series. 

In the East the Bucks (1) will play the Knicks (5), which will not be close at all and the Bucks will sweep them with ease. Then, the 76ers (3) will play the Celtics (2) and this series will be super close, but I have the 76ers winning it in seven games, which moves them to the Conference Finals. The Grizzlies and the Clippers series is going to game 7 but the Clippers’ health will overwhelm the Grizzlies, so the Clippers will make the NBA Finals. But on the other side it is going to be the same outcome going to 7 and the 76ers will win it advancing them to the NBA Finals as well.

 Now most of this is my bias, but I have the Clippers winning the Finals in six games. I think the Clippers are the most complete and one of the most well-coached teams in the NBA. They are one of the better teams in transition and the 76ers will not be able to keep up with them. The Clippers are too good when healthy. This pick is very bold of me to put in and a lot of people will not agree with me. So, stay tuned to see if my prediction was right.